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About CFPM

The Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine, CFPM, is a non profit professional organization comprising duly qualified foot care practitioners (chiropodists and podiatrists) who are committed to the code of ethics of the CFPM. The purpose of the CFPM is:
  • To maintain, advance and promote the science and the practice of chiropody and podiatry in Canada;
  • By representing the profession to government, community and other professional bodies,
  • To act as a contact point for the public and other agencies.
  • To maintain the highest standards of chiropodial and podiatric practice by providing continuing education.
  • To develop and supply promotional materials, to organize national conference and specialist seminars, events and maintain resources for public and professional access.
  • To promote chiropodial and podiatric research and professional publications.
  • To promote the status of chiropodists and podiatrists and legislation necessary for the protection of the profession and the public.  
  • To provide high quality foot and lower limb health to Canadians

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