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Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine

Updated March 13, 2014
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A Foothold on our Future

…on advancing the practice of podiatric medicine
…on performing at your maximum potential
…on securing a brighter future for yourself, your practice and your family!

A key pillar in the CFPM's mission is to advance the practice of podiatric medicine. In the province of Ontario, the real potential for a significant increase in our scope of practice rests with the long-awaited Health Professionals Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC) review, which is finally underway.

This comprehensive review of our profession may result in a unified title (podiatrist) and an
expanded scope of practice-comprising x-ray, lab tests, osseous surgery and medical procedures including the ankle-as well as a university-based medical program right here at home.

The CFPM is committed to raising $300,000 to fund the HPRAC review and we're counting on the financial support of members like you to do it.

We know you've already invested a lot in your career. Why not leverage that investment by paving the way to perform at your maximum potential?

We're seeking a minimum one-time investment of $500. (Equivalent to one orthotic)

As successful practitioners and CFPM members, we all share the responsibility to support equality and continued growth for our profession.

The future is in our hands-for our practice, our profession, our patients and the next generation of foot care professionals.  DONATE NOW!

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