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Thursday, May 1st, 2008

During May the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine wants everyone to think feet! Foot Health Month calls attention to the importance of healthy feet.

Healthy feet are important to perform Canada’s favourite exercise, walking. The CFPM and its members are concerned about Canadians walking comfortably. Therefore in conjunction with Foot Health Month the CFPM organized a national contest to determine the Best Walking City in Canada.

The contest was open to the 100 most populous cities in Canada who were required to exhibit safe and available walking trails, a clean and scenic environment, among other criteria.

We are please to announce that Vancouver, British Columbia is the winner of our contest for the Best Walking City in Canada. A ceremony event will take place this month in Vancouver, BC in recognition of this award.

Walking can be done anywhere and anytime. It can be for enjoyment, exercise and transportation. Studies have shown that people who walk have fewer incidences of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. The foot friendly exercise can even help people live longer and improve their overall well-being.

The CFPM encourages the public to book a check up appointment with your chiropodist or podiatrist to ensure you have healthy feet to participate in activities such as walking. Please call the CFPM at 1-888-706-4444 or visit to find a practitioner near you.

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