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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Those strappy shoes you love so much can have a downside. They create friction that, combined with the usual dryness of the skin on the bottom of your feet, can cause cracked heels. In extreme cases, your feet can bleed or become infected, says Helena Anne Reid, a podiatrist in Moline, IL.

Solution? "Use a pumice stone on your heels every day in the bath or shower, then find a cream you like and put it on your feet twice a day," says Dr. Reid. She adds, "If an over-the-counter cream doesn't help heal cracks, talk to your doctor about a prescription product." Protect your feet further by alternating between wearing sandals and closed shoes. And don't walk barefoot outdoors.

Source: Quick & Simple Magazine [June 2009]

"Reprinted by permission from PM News. PM News is available free by writing to"

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