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“The next 30 years in our profession are going to be largely determined by the outcome of the HPRAC
Review…we shouldn’t be waiting on the sidelines for the outcome. A successful outcome means ongoing planning,
strategizing, organizing and ensuring we’ve obtained professional, expert advice from the right organizations…
and all that costs money. If we want our voice heard—and I’m talking about the voice of practitioners—we should
ALL be supporting the Foothold on our Future campaign.”

Olga Lalande, D. Ch., B. Sc. Podiatric Medicine
Barrie, ON

“Since I graduated and during the several years I’ve been in practice, I have seen our profession progress slowly.
 I see the HRPAC Review as a potential tipping point—I don’t want to look back 10 years from now and regret that
we did not capitalize on this once in lifetime opportunity.  To my colleagues and new graduates, I want to say that I
think we’ll never see a time like this again.  I also want to say I think it’s time we take a stand. We are all on the same
team—let’s get off the bench and get in the game! We’re not just donating money…we are investing in our future!
YES, we CAN…increase our scope and protect our profession by supporting the Foothold On Our Future campaign.”

Shane Dheda, D. Ch., B.Sc. Podiatric Medicine
Brampton, ON

“I donated because the CFPM has been a strong voice in promoting our profession—a profession that put
a roof over my family’s heads, food on our table, has given us a chance to travel and—most important of all
—the opportunity to become a contributing member of my community. We all get so busy with our practices
and everyday lives that we don’t have time to ‘give back’ to our profession. This is our opportunity to do that.
By supporting the HPRAC Review, we can only move forward. It’s our duty to help the CFPM ensure our voice is heard.”

Kim Tran-Dinh, D.Ch., B. Sc.
Thunder Bay, ON

“It’s a simple fact that if we each contributed to the Foothold On Our Future campaign we could proceed with strength
and in unity. I believe that anything worth having usually comes at a cost of time, money or both. I believe in my profession
and I believe in what the CFPM is doing on our behalf.”

Miriam Racine, D. Ch.
London, ON

“This is a crucial time to support the CFPM in its ongoing and effective support of foot care practitioners--and the only chance
we have to influence the future of our profession. Giving to the Foothold on Our Future campaign is really an investment in yourself
and the practice you’ve worked so hard to build. Let’s stand together on this critical issue!”

Pam Brown Vezeau, D. Ch.
Kingston, ON

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