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Conference Speakers & Topic(s)

Aileen Gunda & Mike Knapp

Aileen Gunda is a medical device reprocessing expert, consultant, educator, and speaker, who is certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Aileen has 18 years of experience in the field of reprocessing medical devices and, since 2017, has been the principal for Medical device reprocessing consulting services and a presenter at the Faculty of Dentistry Continuing Education on the Canadian standards and best practices in reprocessing of medical devices. Her drive for staff and patient safety with a precision-focus, Aileen has been providing expert advice to healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinical settings that have resulted in educating staff in the proper handling of medical devices, achieving compliance and streamlining efficiencies. Aileen has gained a reputation for creating safe-working environments within standards, utilizing resources effectively, and facilitating audits with a keen eye for detail

Mike has spent over 20 years working in the global healthcare industry in both the public and private sector.

Mike has developed a balanced view gaining significant insight about the following: medical device reprocessing, procurement, supply chain management, patient experience mapping, quality improvement planning, marketing  management, marketing research, graphic communication.

Effective Medical Device Reprocessing Impacts Quality of Care

7 key areas medical clinics are adopting medical device reprocessing standards in order to deliver quality and safety for patient care. 

This 2-hour session is based on the CSA-Z314-18 National Medical Device Reprocessing Standards of Canada and will provide a practical application in effective medical device reprocessing.

The following key areas will be extensively highlighted: 1) Impact to patient safety, 2) The adoption of policy and procedures, 3) Cost-effective job performance, 4) Staff education and training, 5) System validation and testing, 6) Documentation and record-keeping, 7) Compliance audits 

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