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Conference Speakers & Topic(s)

Dr. Ivan Bristow

Throughout his career, Ivan has held a passion for dermatology. He has promoted podiatric dermatology worldwide working with podiatrists, dermatologists and general practitioners on various education programmes and in researching new technologies and treatments. In addition, he has authored books, published over 100 papers and runs a successful blog. He holds visiting appointments at Universities in the UK and Australia and continues to lecture around the world as well as regularly working in a busy clinic in Hampshire, UK.

“The Game is Afoot!” Dermatology, skin lesions & Sherlock Holmes

Skin tumours and solitary skin lesions can be a source of concern for the treating chiropodist and patient alike. Set on a background of increasing incidence, skin tumours on the foot and ankle are becoming more common and require careful assessment to discern those lesions which are benign from those which may be malignant and therefore need to be excised. Dermatology is about history taking and a thorough examination of the skin to help reach a diagnosis. Practice in dermatology has been revolutionised using a dermatoscope to illuminate and magnify skin lesions revealing their fine detail. This presentation reviews common and important skin lesions that may arise on the foot and illustrates how including dermoscopy may improve practitioner confidence when making a diagnosis.

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