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Peter Guy

Peter completed his under graduate studies in microbiology at the University of Toronto(Victoria) and his post graduate studies in Chiropody at the Michener Institute of Education at University Health Network.

Peter has 35 years of experience in patient care and teaching. He practices in Whitby, Peterborough, and supervises chiropody interns in their clinical rotations at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN in Toronto.

In 2015, Peter started conducting manual foot therapy workshops. 

The 4 benefits of adding manual foot therapy to your skill set

The joints of the foot act in unison to absorb ground reaction force at contact and convert to a stable lever during propulsion. Increased joint stiffness can interfere with this dual role.
Manual foot therapy restores the function of the foot rockers, aids balance, improves circulation and reduces supination resistance during either foot orthotic casting or the initial foot orthotic adjustment period.

Manual foot therapy will help ease foot pain caused by nine common foot problems. Adding manual foot therapy into your skill set will improve the quality of life of your patients and lead to more referrals.

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