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Conference Speakers & Topic(s)

Philippe Dubreuil

Mr. Philippe Dubreuil is a successful business owner and practice management consultant. He has been an educator for over 30 years of which most was spent as a corporate trainer where he trained administrative and executive staff of Canadian and international corporations (including non-profit organizations) in the performance of their duties. He also had the opportunity to work for 3 years in counselling drug addicts at a drug rehab centre in Quebec. He has spent over 12 years as an executive consultant of which the last 10 years were spent as a consultant for health care professionals and small & medium size companies. He has done extensive training in troubleshooting organizational problems that hinders growth in companies as well as in human resources as an establishment officer and talent acquisition expert. His passion is to help others achieve their true potential and what drives him the most is empowering others in achieving their goals and dreams.


Understanding your team's dynamic without losing your individuality

This presentation will help assistants understand their team dynamic and how to contribute best to it, while retaining their individuality

Assistants will have a renewed purpose on their job and better focus on their role in the clinic.  A high-level view on their group purpose and a look at how their own purpose fits into this. We will also cover their role as assistants and the nature of the post. 

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