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Simon Bartold

Simon Bartold is a graduate of Adelaide University where he gained a Bachelor Degree in Science with majors in Physiology and Zoology. His further qualification in Podiatry was gained at the University of South Australia. Simon holds postgraduate fellowships in Sports Podiatry with the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine and in Sport Sciences with Sports Medicine Australia. He has won the prestigious Best Clinical Paper Award for original research at the Australasian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport an unprecedented three times. He is the creator of the education portal and conducts seminars around the world on injury prevention, biomechanics and sports injuries.

The Future of Athletic Footwear: What does it look like?

Athletic footwear has been subjected to more scrutiny in the last 10 years that ever before since sports shoes first appeared some 140 years ago.

Initially driven by the barefoot and minimalist trend, as researchers, we have been compelled to examine the conventional wisdom , including the role of cushioning and motion control, with particular reference to running related injury.

This presentation examines the reality of the industry in 2020, including the big and sustainable trends, and what we might expect in the near future.


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