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Why Should I Exhibit?

Increase visibility and brand recognition to MANY potential buyers:

Take  advantage  of  the  opportunity  to  showcase  your  products  and  services  to  an  audience  with  a  common  goal  to foster the development of safe and effective products and therapies for patients.

The   CFPM   conference   hosts   approximately   250   delegates   from   across   Canada   from   a   diverse   range   of   professions  related  to  foot  care.  Our  conference  caters  to  all  members  of  the  office,  includes  front  and  back  of  house staff.

Chiropody  students  from  the  Michener  Institute  are  invited  on  Saturday  to  tour  the  exhibitor  hall  and  mingle  with the exhibitors. This will give you a chance to meet the upcoming graduates in chiropody and future buyer.

This  event  accelerates  the  opportunity  to  connect  to  clinics,  foster  connections  and  create  leads  to  follow  up  with after the conference.

Ample time to deliver that PERFECT pitch:

The  conference  program  schedules  ample  time  for  conference  delegates  to  visit  the  exhibitor  hall  to  provide  plenty   of   opportunities   throughout   the   conference   for   exhibitors   to   network   and   build   connections   with   potential buyers.  

Activities created with YOU in mind the  CFPM  conference  executes  an  exhibitor  passport  activity  to  assist  with  generating  foot  traffic  for  exhibitors.  Delegates  must  retrieve  signatures  from  every  booth  on  their  exhibitor  passport  to  be  eligible  for  the  exhibitor  door prizes which are distributed during the awards ceremony. 

For more information about exhibiting and sponsoring this event, please click here to download our Exhibitor Prospectus or make your selection and purchase below.

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