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CFPM Glove Program

The CFPM has partnered with priMED to bring our members a new and exciting membership benefit.  This program will provide CFPM members with preferred rates on both vinyl and nitrile examination gloves from priMED. 

Vinyl and latex gloves have traditionally been the gloves of choice for  podiatrists and chiropodists.  Nitrile is a product new to the podiatry market and has the fit and comfort of latex without the allergic reaction. Nitrile meets and exceeds all Canadian Health Standards for medical examination gloves and is extremely resistant to punctures and tears.  Click here to view a comparison of vinyl and nitrile examination gloves.

"I have been extremely impressed with priMED's nitrile examination  gloves.  Nitrile gloves offer enhanced tactile feel and is a wonderful alternative to latex with no allergic reaction. Wearing gloves is now effortless and comfortable."  Stephen Hartman, CEO CFPM

priMED is a Canadian owned and operated corporation with a wholly owned  manufacturing facility. priMED is a leader in the Canadian Health Care Market  and has always prided themself on the fact that it is an engaged and responsive company that is committed to bringing high quality products to their partners and customers in Canada and abroad. Their deep product knowledge combined with their experience is a competitive advantage few can match.

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