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Dr. Chris MacLean

Most recently, Chris has been the Director of Fortius Lab & Applied Biomechanics at the Fortius Institute in Burnaby, British Columbia. Since designing and opening Fortius Lab, he has analyzed ~ 1600 distance runners whose goals include injury management, injury prevention and/or performance optimization. Through the use of Qualisys motion capture, custom Visual 3D software and a Treadmetrix instrumented treadmill, the Fortius team has been able to advise runners on potential injury mechanisms, technique modification through gait retraining and footwear interventions. This technology is also utilized in the monitoring of athletes returning from ACL reconstruction and in completing contracted research projects with footwear industry partners.

In Industry, he has been involved in the prescription foot orthotic industry for approximately 30 years first as a Pedorthist, in Educational Marketing, as Director of Biomechanics, and currently as Chair of the Professional Advisory Board at Paris Orthotics Lab Division, Vancouver BC. Chris is the Past President of the Prescription Foot Orthotic Laboratory Association (PFOLA) and Scientific Co-chair (with Dr. Douglas Richie, DPM) of the International Conference on Foot Biomechanics & Orthotic Therapy that is annually sponsored by PFOLA.

Academically, Chris completed a Master of Science (Human Kinetics) at the University of British Columbia with Dr. Jack Taunton. Following this, he completed the Ph.D. (Biomechanics) program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Dr. Joseph Hamill. His research efforts over the past several years have focused on the mechanism of overuse running injuries and on the dynamic influence of custom foot orthotic and running shoe interventions.

How Footwear Trends (Minimalism & Maximalism) Influence Custom Foot Orthotic Prescription Writing and Design

In the past 10 years, footwear choices have evolved to include a wide spectrum of shoes from minimalist to maximalist. This presentation will discuss what we've learned about how these variations in design influence dynamics and foot orthotic prescription.

How Do Increased Midsole Stiffness and Rocker Profile Influence Lower Extremity Biomechanics 

Recent experiential evidence suggests that there are clinical applications for many of the new shoe designs that incorporate increased midsole stiffness with an increased rocker profile. This presentation will discuss what we've learned through biomechanical studies as to how these design variables influence movement and the clinical applications that can lead to positive outcomes for your patients.

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