In the next week or two schools begin for cottage and university students. Students should ensure that they do everything they can to prevent contacting a fungal infection or wart virus.
Both warts and fungus are easily transmitted in warm moist environments such as shared bathrooms and commercial showers at health clubs.
The Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine offers the following tips to avoid contact.
      1. Wear flip flops/and or water shoes when using commercial showers
      2. Keep your feet dry
      3. Change your socks and shoes regularly
      4. Inspect your feet regularly or seek help of your chiropodist/podiatrist
      5. Share this information with your roommates

The Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine is a national association that was founded in 1999. The objective of the CFPM is to aid the profession through representation to the government, educational and regulatory institutions, to promote podiatric unity in Canada and to provide public education. The Association has 200 members representing British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. For foot health information and to find a practitioner in your area, contact the CFPM at 1-888-706-4444 or visit

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