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Basic Foot Care Guidelines

• Wash your feet in warm (not hot) water, using a mild soap. Don’t soak your feet, as this can dry your skin.

• Dry your feet carefully, especially between your toes.

• Thoroughly check your feet and between your toes to make sure there are no cuts, cracks, ingrown toenails, blisters, etc. Use a hand mirror to see the bottom of your feet, or ask someone else to check them for you.

• Clean cuts or scratches with mild soap and water, and cover with a dry dressing suitable for sensitive skin.

• Trim your toenails straight across and file any sharp edges. Don’t cut the nails too short.

• Apply a good lotion to your heels and soles. Wipe off excess lotion that is not absorbed. Don’t put lotion between your toes, as the excessive moisture can promote infection.

• Wear fresh clean socks and well-fitting shoes every day. They should be supportive, have low heels (less than 5 cm high) and should not rub or pinch. Whenever possible, wear white socks – if you have a cut or sore, the drainage will be easy to see.

• If you are a diabetic, please contact a licensed chiropodist or podiatrist and schedule a check-up at least once a year.


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