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Code of Ethics

A Code of Ethics is a set of principles that provide all Members of the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine (CFPM) with direction and guidance in responsible conduct, and ethical and moral behaviour in professional practice. Chiropodists and Podiatrists are responsible for adhering to and promoting ethical practice within the framework of the Scope of Practice which states that:

“The practice of chiropody is the assessment of the foot and the treatment and prevention of diseases, disorders or dysfunctions of the foot by therapeutic, orthotic or palliative means.”

The principles of ethical conduct include:

  • Accountability – A member must assume ownership and accountability for their own actions and behaviours.
  • Confidentiality - A member shall respect the confidence of their patients, other healthcare professionals and medical practitioners. Members must abide by the requirements of any legislation pertaining to the keeping and use of personal information regarding patients, whether such information is in physical or electronic format.
  • Consent - A member must, except in an emergency, obtain free and enlightened consent from the patient or his/her legal representative before undertaking an examination, investigation, treatment or research.
  • Dignity - A member shall at all times uphold the dignity and honour of the profession in all their actions, manner and dealings with patients and colleagues alike.
  • Effective communication – A member shall provide patients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their medical care. Members must make every reasonable effort to communicate with patients in such a way that information exchanged is understood.
  • Integrity – A member must resist any influence or interference that could undermine their professional integrity.
  • Sensitivity to diversity – A member shall value and respect the differences of the patients and families who seek care, colleagues and/or those that provide care.

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