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    • 1 Jan 2020
    • 12:00 AM (EST)
    • 31 Dec 2020
    • 11:30 PM (EST)
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    Objectives of proposed program and target audience
    To train employed podiatric assistants and obtain a certification in podiatric assisting.

    Requirements to take the course
    High school diploma( a grade 12 biology credit is ideal).
    To be eligible to write the exam, the student must have worked as a podiatric assistant for a minimum of one year.
    Must have current First Aid and CPR certification.

    Pre-requisite book
    Memmler’s Structure and Function of the Human Body, 10th edition. By Taylor, Jason J. & Cohen, Barbara J. Baltimore: Lippincott Williams & Wilkens, 2013.

    Recommended books
    Common Foot Disorders by Neale, Donald & Adams, Isobel. Churchill & Livingstone
    Saunders Medical Office Management, 3rd edition. By. Alice A Andress.

    Timeline to Complete
    12+ months (must write exam at conference within 23 months of registering for program)

    At the end of each chapter are questions to be completed.  Please have your employer or colleague mark your chapter questions and record the completion date and grade. This information will be required to be handed into CFPM at the time of the final exam.

    Recommended adjunct workshops
    Hands on training or workshops are recommended to be completed at conferences prior to writing the final exam.
    Passing grade on final exam, examination date for first intake of registrants is at the CFPM conference in November 2018.
    Must attain a minimum of  80% to pass.

    Maintaining Certification

    After certification, a minimum of 14 hours of continuing education must be completed within a 2-year cycle.
    Must be an assistant member of the CFPM and must be actively employed by a CFPM member practitioner.
    Must maintain their CPR certification.

    Cancellation Policy:
    No cancellation or refunds allowed once the registrant is in receipt of the assistants program manual.

    A partial refund of 50% is permitted if a registrant ceases to be employed by a CFPM registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist within 3 months of registration. If employment cessation is after 3 months of registration; no refund is allowed. In order to receive the refund the manual must be returned to the CFPM office.

    • 29 Sep 2020
    • 12:00 AM (EDT)
    • 9 Oct 2021
    • 11:30 PM (EDT)
    • Not Applicable

    CFPM Board of Directors - Expression of Interest

    Volunteering is a great way to expand your network, learn new skills and contribute to your professional community.

    Your motivation for sharing some of your time with CFPM can be for a number of reasons:
    Give back to your profession.

    • Enhance your professional and business skills.
    • Develop your industry contacts and relationships.
    • Support the sector in which you work, and help influence the direction of CFPM.
    • Help fellow association members benefit from high-caliber programs and events.

    Whatever the reason, you are guaranteed to get more from your CFPM membership by getting involved on the Board of Directors - become a volunteer leader with CFPM and help to set the strategic direction for the association.

    The Board of Directors meets every four to six weeks with the exception of the summer months. The estimated contribution of time totaling approximately 2 – 6 hours.

    If you know you can contribute the time and wish to serve on the Board for a minimum of one year, please complete our form. A representative may have additional questions to determine where your skills might be of greatest help to the members of CFPM.

    Thank you!

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