Medical Device Reprocessing Policy and Procedure Guide - Customized

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The policy and procedure guide is based on the CSA Group’s medical device reprocessing standards, Public Health Ontario infection prevention and control guidelines, medical device instruction for use and other health Canada regulations. This guide aids the healthcare team in decision making, appropriate allocation of resources and direction in the management and handling of sterile and unsterile single-use and reusable medical and surgical equipment. 1. Helps clinics to deliver compliance with over 50 policies; 2. Is tailored to the unique characteristics of your clinic; 3. Incorporates the latest standards developed by CSA Group's CSA 2314-18 and other leading authorities. 5 Key Benefits that help you: - Simplify the process of developing a guide from the ground up; - Support sustainable best practice and improve resource utilization; - Comply with the latest medical device reprocessing standards; - Improve your organizational quality management system; - Promote an atmosphere of workplace safety and quality. Testimonial: "I am extremely happy with MDR Consulting Services. After months and months of trying to prepare my own Infection Control Manual, I finally decided to leave it to the experts. I could never have prepared such an extensive and comprehensive manual on my own. They are very knowledgeable and very easy to work with. The policy manual was easy to have customized to my office and my profession." Barrie Foot Clinic Olga Lalande D. Ch., B.Sc., Podiatric Medicine

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