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Tips for recovering feet for Spring

Cold weather does not merely dry out hands, hair and lips – it also dries out feet. Though they are not often exposed, thick socks and boots can cause drying, itching and rough heels and toes, issues that take time and effort to correct. According to Dr. J.D. Smith, podiatrist at the Shoals Foot Center, different feet have different responses as summer approaches.
“Some people experience more dryness, while others tend to have more perspiration that develops,” he said. “Just like with other health issues, women need to listen to and know their body. In this case, it is their feet.”
Summer brings its own medical foot difficulties. Dr. Smith lists heel pain (plantar fasciitis,) Achilles tendonitis, cracked dry heels, athlete’s foot, blisters, insect bites, bacterial skin infections, warts, ingrown nails, and nail fungus as major culprits. “It is recommended that women do not wear toenail polish all the time,” he said. “Constant use of nail polish often leads to thick, discolored and fungal nails. Nail polish darkens the light to the nails as well as diminishing the normal air flow to the nails, which provides an excellent growing medium for fungal organisms.”
Source: Cheryl Myrick, Shoals Woman (NE) [4/25/07]
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